The busy life plus three: Easter Sunday Recap

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Sunday Recap


"Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless."

Why is Easter important to you?
Jesus had to die on the cross and shed his blood for us, 
so we could be brought back into relationship with God. He was the final sacrifice.
 Through Jesus blood being shed for us, our sins have been forgiven. 
Then, through his resurrection we to, can be risen to the new life in Him.
 When we come to the lord, he makes us new creations. 
We have Jesus resurrected life in us

Easter isn't at all about Easter bunnies and Easter eggs as such,
 though these things make part of the tradition we have 
kept alive and are a nice way to keep our children involve
 in such a meaningful holiday, 
we shall not forget the real meaning of Easter
Though I have heard it said that Easter eggs
 represent "new life" as how a chicken hatches from an egg.

With this being a new year, it is also the first year 
my daughter Elyse is old enough to participate in all
 the activities Easter had in store for her, I was so excited
 to work on her basket, for I knew making
 a Sofia the First basket will be a major hit.
 And it sure was!

Ryan's Easter Goodies
this was an easy task, for my child loves puzzles, coloring,
 making a mess with colorful play-doh,
and can't forget the sweet candy that was secretly added 
into those glitter eggs I found at Hobby Lobby.
My Reward// A big hug and smile.

Its crazy to think of how time flies, 
Just {4} Easter's ago I was pregnant, weeks away from
 having my {first} little blessing. 
Christ has proved his love when he died for us, 
and because of him I was given the opportunity
 to give life to you

With so much blessings in our lives, 
I always try to stop what I am doing and remember the little things that make me whole 

"come with me sister, i'll help you"

"release  the inner free child in you"

My husband
so glad we all got to spend it together with daddy.
obviously all 3 are looking different ways,
but for some reason I love everything about this amazing shot.

" I don't want life to be perfect, I want it to look just like this."

More to come ....


  1. Bless your heart, this is such a beautiful post! All of your pictures are amazing. I love the new blog look too!

  2. Little by little is getting there. Thank you for stopping by and checking it out. Love ya Linzi!