The busy life plus three: OUR JULY GETAWAY

Friday, August 15, 2014


Vacation Recap
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

 It's already August, and I am finally giving myself time to catch up on my blog. 

Where do I begin? I guess by admitting this is the first trip my husband and I have everrrr taken together alone since the kids. I have dreamed about doing something like this for a very long while, and quite frankly I never thought it would actually happen. I mean I am not the typical girl who gets to take spontaneous trips out the state, let alone out the country. With two little ones it seemed near impossible to even think about it, so the fact that my husband and I got the chance to do this {even if it was just 4 days} it really meant a lot to us.
 It was mid February and I knew my birthday was coming up, my husband's is exactly a week after mine and our anniversary was right after in March so with that said I started thinking what could be a meaningful gift to surprise my husband with. Over the years we have become less focus on the gifts and more appreciative of what we already have rather than what we could want [but don't necessarily need]. So to sum it up I said the HECK with it let me start looking for a getaway vacay.

All I knew was it had to be somewhere that included a BEACH.

I went through Costco travel, I really recommend booking a vacation through them if you're a Costco member. You will seriously find some great deals

 I'm talking about a (flight+ transportation+ and all inclusive package with food and drinks) 

My options got narrowed down and I ended up choosing the Dominican Republic (which meant I immediately needed to get a passport quick) Also I honestly planned it all within a short period of days that I booked and paid the trip without even asking my mom if she could watch the kids for us. I guess deep down I knew she wouldn't say no nor she'll deny this opportunity I had to enjoy a bit of life with my husband, and thankfully she was very encouraging once I told her. It all seemed to worked out quite fine, all I needed was to count the days for JULY to arrive. 

This vacation was seriously MUCH needed in every possible way!
I am grateful for a hardworking man, who we rarely get to spend time with,
ever since his job promotion he seems to hardly have days off. And when we do, it always involves the kids, obnoxious tantrums, crazy toddler running everywhere, a messy kitchen, and stacks over stacks of piles of laundry waiting for me to do. So in every sense of the word this trip was

P A R A D I S E 

For anyone considering this place for a vacation I highly recommend the Majestic Elegance Punta Cana Beach Resort, I absolutely loved it. It's a five star resort with all inclusive packages, the service is the best I have experienced, everyone is just so full of life and energetic, the beach is beautiful, the restaurants you will find in every corner so much to choose from. I am a picky person when it comes to trying new things but overall I was content especially with their sea food & the steakhouse restaurant they have is amaaaazinnng (best steak I have ever had HANDS DOWN)

One of my favorite parts of this vacation besides the beautiful beach and endless relaxation, 
was spending alone time with my husband. A lot family and friends said
 we will come back with baby #3 on the way but that my friends will not be the case.

Best experience there was our first trip snorkeling. It was sad we didn't have more time, there was so much to do and not enough days. Overall I am glad I learned to let go, I got outta my comfort zone and was adventurous despite not being a swimmer by the end of it I was a little mermaid pro, and I got to experience an amazing view 


All morning, all day, all night drinks at the bar for free. Livin' the LIFE

More than a Getaway this was the "honeymoon" we never had.

And just like that our vacation ended, it was beautiful  (PARADISE I shall call it) my husband and I agreed to be back again. Until then I can only say "See ya Later Punta Cana you did wonders on us."

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