The busy life plus three: H-E-B + Box Tops for Education

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

H-E-B + Box Tops for Education

The new school year has already begun! And I cannot believe I am now sending to school a first grader, I'm thinking to myself, "where has the time gone..." We can all agree that it is bittersweet to see our little ones go and explore without us watching their every move but as a mother we can feel confident that they are receiving the best education possible. Which is why as parents it is important we support our community schools and it can be done in the simplest way possible. It is easy and it honestly takes no effort from our busy mom schedules.
Box Tops for Education is a wonderful way to give back to your child's school all while purchasing the products you & your kids already love. We have always been told sharing is caring. If you know any school teachers they'll tell you that school budgets are tight and help is always needed to reach their school's annual goal. This is a great way to participate and help raise funds and awareness without any extra money out of your own pocket. By collecting General Mills Box Tops your child's school will be receiving the money needed to buy the things they need. Whether it's new computers, classroom supplies, provide new after-school programs, or even making a bigger library for their students. 
Box tops for Education in Texas makes it easy to give back to schools on your everyday purchases at H-E-B. It is super simple to participate, all you have to do is find the H-E-B Box Tops label when you shop for your favorite General Mills products. Just by doing that your child's school will receive 10 cents for every box top parents clip and send. If majority of your child's class participates it really adds up all together. 

It all makes a difference

Clipping and collecting can be done in just a few minutes, you will be surprised how many products of General Mills Box Top items you have purchased or already have in your pantry. Best thing to do before throwing away the cereal box is clip and COLLECT it. 

20 Texas Schools will win 20,000 Bonus Box Tops ($2,000 value). All you have to do is support your child's school by entering the sweepstakes by registering here- 
And remember the more entries for your school, the more chances your chid's school could win! 

How many H-E-B Box Tops will you collect to help support your community and children's school? 
Register now! 


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