The busy life plus three: 5 Ways To Become a Productive Mom

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

5 Ways To Become a Productive Mom

They say it is always good to start the New Year with personal resolutions, however I cannot think of the last time I started a list let alone finish one. So with bigger reason my main focus for this year is becoming a more productive Mom. 

Most days I feel stressed out at home with the kids, like I cannot get my life together. Being (or better yet trying to stay) organized is what keeps me I have control over my own schedule even though it is mostly run by the little tiny humans I created. 
Being a SAHM during the week made it hard for me at times and looking back I remember some days I completely hated it. And those were days when home was chaos and before I knew it the day went by and I didn't get much accomplished. It was becoming a constant bad habit were night time came and there dishes piled up on the kitchen sink, laundry constantly up to the wall roof (my friends can testify to this, no lie) and my husband would arrive home and I had not showered yet.
Moments like these can make you feel like a total failure at being a mom. But it shouldn't because this is NOT AN EASY JOB. 
I can't be the only one who's been in this situation, right?
It has been recently and over some trial and errors that I noticed a few things that have helped me become a more productive mom at home and with my kids.
Here are some ways you can become PRODUCTIVE

  • BECOME A MORNING PERSON-  how we start and approach our morning the moment we wake up has a lot to do with how productive our day goes. And okay i'll be honest & say I'm the kind of mom who chooses to hit the snooze button  20x's before deciding it's time to wake up. But I noticed that on the days I am up early before the kids are awake my day goes a lot more smoother. More chores are done, my list gets accomplished, and my mood is overall happy. I have set the tone for the day. It is easier to focus and find mental clarity through the day. Becoming a morning person is not easy if you (like myself) love to sleep in but it also does not mean you have to be up at 5am. You can plan to be up an hour before your kids wake up, using your mornings wisely can be beneficial in setting how your day will go.

  • NEVER skip BREAKFAST- stop skipping this meal.( I know I am guilty of this too) But this needs to stop! Never am I missing breakfast again. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast fuels the body. Everyone has different schedules, task, and activities that they want to do in the morning but they should all start with a big healthy breakfast. Studies show that a simple healthy breakfast improves our energy levels in the morning and help avoid that mid-day slump (which is what we want to avoid) So start the morning with a big meal that you and your kids will both enjoy. 

organic egg with turkey bacon and ADD your avocado
wheat flatbread - add all your fav choices

acai smoothie bowl 
  • CREATE A ROUTINE- that can help your day go more smoothly. Write it down. Do a list. If it helps break your day into different parts. Get the most important work done between the morning till lunch time, add time for the kids to have fun whether if its indoors or outdoors, take advantage of your toddlers nap-time (if you have any that still nap) During this time I like to start on my laundry. Must I say I hate doing laundry but I am pretty good at folding clothes and putting them away by the time the baby is up again. Anyway, the point is get a routine going and stay consistent. Have dinner ready by a certain hour, kids bathe and ready for bed at a constant time everyday. Lately I been trying to have them all go to bed at the same time which is around 9-9:30 so when my husband gets home we can enjoy some alone quality time.
  • DEDICATE TIME FOR YOURSELF- take an hour or even 45 min of the day to focus on you! Get your workout done. Don't hesitate, I promise you'll be feeling a thousand times better about yourself in the end. This turns into a positive attitude and the best part- you are full of energy to continue with your day. When I was constantly working out at home with the 21 Day Fix I felt so much better about myself physically and mentally. And I figured this is one part I was lacking on and missing the most! Even if all the laundry didn't get done while my baby napped- hey I got my workout done. Even if you feel you are not mentally there or ready yet to jump on the exercise wagon that is okay. Grab a book, find some inspiration that makes you happy, something that is for YOU. Or take advantage and enjoy a bath- get pretty and put away those yoga pants!
  • STAY ORGANIZED- what better way to stay organized than with a Planner. This START Planner has changed my life! I'm serious this Hustle Daily Planner has it all, I mean everything you could possibly need to keep your life on track. It gives you a daily, monthly, and yearly overview. All of it! It features a side for Goal setting and tracking your work outs and meals, plans for tracking your projects, future vacations, and personal financial planning (grocery shopping, bills, etc), everything for budgeting, and so much more. If you are the kind of mom who has a pregnant brain (even after pregnancy) then you'll love that it also provides a page to write down all your personal passwords to your major websites that you use daily. No better way to stay organized and prioritize your time and your planned activities for the day. No more forgetting major deadlines both on your personal life and your job!


  1. I'm with you 100%, Erika! Getting up early, using a planner to stay on top of things (lord knows I wouldn't remember anything if I didn't write it down) and squeezing a workout in (even a quick one!) make all the difference in the world. Great suggestions!

    1. Thanks Julie, yes I'm the same way. Easily forget if I don't write it down. Same thing with the grocery list I must have it when I'm shopping. This year I want to focus on my fitness and start this healthy journey back again.. which can be so hard!

  2. There was a time when I could actually get up before my toddler (now she gets up at 5:30-6!) and having that time to myself in the morning made me feel SO much more productive! I agree - so many great tips!

  3. I have to work three days a week, so I cherish the days I have off to be home with my son. Sometimes I still struggle to find a balance between being productive and just enjoying my time with him. Having tasks written down is helpful for me too, and recently I've been trying to get to the gym EARLY so I can be home by the time he is waking up.

  4. These are all great tips! It's so true that when we get up early and have a set routine everything runs so much more smoothly and we aren't nearly as stressed.

  5. Girl, I am there right now. I have been either working on my blog or mommying it up that I don't even know the last time I took time to wash my hair. (I shower, I just usually only do my hair every other day and now I haven't even had time for that.) I just told my husband that morning me hates night me and puts so much more work for me to do at night.
    I definitely need to follow this list! Thank you for writing it all out for people who need it like me.

  6. So many good tips! Thank goodness I'm a morning person, I don't see how you could function with a house full of kids without being a morning person!


  7. Thank you for all of your tips! I agree that mornings are my most productive time! My kiddos wake up before 7 sometimes so I need to try getting up before them to take time for myself and get stuff done!

  8. We rely on routine to keep our day going! And I always forget to eat breakfast

  9. Yes to being a morning person! Pretty sure that saves my sanity most days :)

  10. Creating a routine is something that I really am trying to work on! Thanks for sharing all of these great tips. I am also using a START planner this year and I'm loving it!

  11. Wonderful tips!! Yes morning is when i get most if not everything done!❤️❤️

  12. I've been struggling with this for awhile. I've been trying to get a lot more organized this year.