The busy life plus three: A GIFT FOR MY VALENTINE

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


February is here!
 And I couldn't be more excited about it. 
So many special celebrations happening this month,
First we have Valentine's Day on a Tuesday
the following Tuesday is my Birthday and
the Tuesday right after is my Husband's 29th Birthday!

This month for us has always been a little hard when it comes to making plans since there is so many celebrations all together. We end up struggling on how to make it special for one another that surprising each other has become quite impossible. So over the years we just kind of stopped. Not that we don't try and do something thoughtful because any little gesture is always noticed and appreciated from us both. Birthday dinners have become a tradition for us over the years but buying gifts has not. My husband is the least materialistic person I know. I can't remember the last time he bought a pair of jeans and shirt for himself let alone a pair of shoes. I feel that if he has any wardrobe at all in his closet is because I actually took the time to go and buy him something any chance I get- because he will not do it. I am not exaggerating! He tells me he doesn't need anything new and he is happy with what he has. And I honestly love him for that. For being the most unselfish men and for being content with what we already have in life.

I honestly believe the most important thing in a relationship is appreciating the little things you both have. We are not focused on getting the most expensive gift or the newest electronic device that's out right now, It's just not us. Which is why I knew surprising him with a watch would be the best choice. I wanted it to be meaningful. And I knew for a fact he loves collecting watches, the simpler the better. 

So when JORD reached out asking us to be part of their Valentines campaign I was instantly excited. The moment I saw this particular JORD wood watch (Frankie Series Ebony & Gold) I knew it would be a great addition to his collection. This wood watch is perfect for casual styling as well as dressing up for any special event. My husband is a very simple guy and this wood watch has a unique look to it, mainly he loves how light it feels on his wrist. And now I am convinced I picked out a great Valentine gift, one that he will use and keep forever. 

And now onto the exciting part, a GIVEAWAY you won't want to miss out on! Enter for a chance to win $100 shop credit with JORD watch collection. Best part is everyone who enters will automatically receive a $25 gift card, simply just for entering. Like I had mentioned before this is a WIN-WIN situation right here!

*The contest will end on 2/12 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and $25 will expire on 4/30/17
Happy Early Valentines Day from my valentines to yours!


  1. You guys are such a beautiful couple, I love that watch choice!

  2. Such gorgeous photos! And I love the watch! I wish my husband would wear one! They are great gifts!

  3. What cute pictures! Love that watch. It really is simple yet stylish! I might have to get my husband one for fancier dates. He tends to bang his watches us a bit lol.

  4. Such great photos and what an exciting month!

  5. Love the photos and the watch is really cute.

  6. Looks like y'all are going to have a great February!! Love the watch!! Looks great!!

  7. The watch is beautiful and so are you! Love these pictures of you two! Happy Early Birthday to him!

  8. This is such a beautiful watch. I know what you mean, Valentine's Day is a hard time to go on a date anymore-and you have so much more going on this month other people. We typically wait until after the holiday so we don't feel like we have to scramble to make plans and get somewhere. Also, we just don't like the feeling super big crowds everywhere. It's easier to just wait a week.

  9. I love the gorgeous designs for both men and women that JORD carries! The earthy, wooded look never gets old :)

  10. This is the perfect gift for our men for Valentine's Day! I got my hubby one too!

  11. A really great idea!!

  12. My birthday is the day after V-day so, I understand the multiple celebrations. These are really CLASSY watches!