The busy life plus three: Easy Easter Brunch with CUREMASTER RESERVE® HAM

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Easy Easter Brunch with CUREMASTER RESERVE® HAM

Holidays are my favorite, I have so many memories as a child gathering with my family and enjoying a big feast. I always look forward to my mother's holiday food and Easter is no exception. This year my husband and I decided to get an early start and prepare our very own Easter brunch. We have never cooked ham before so this was what you can call- a first time practice.

For all the busy parents out there- this is what you need! The struggle to cook and prepare a holiday meal for the family in a demanding time frame can be crucial. But I got an easy solution for you guys today. No need to stress about hosting Easter brunch at home.

CUREMASTER RESERVE® will take care of it all. It is super simple, you place your order and it will arrive at your doorstep. You will find it in a secured and fresh package. All top quality sealed in a shipping cooler with ice packs along with it comes a jar of your choice of glaze and can't forget cooking instructions on how to prep it. 

(& an added bonus of a few recipes too)

I am not exaggerating when I say it is the best ham you'll ever have. I promise!

CUREMASTER RESERVE® secret is its superior quality, taste, duration of smoke and sophisticated yet approachable flavor profiles that you cannot get anywhere else. 

You select a ham and glaze. There is endless options of combinations available to chose from. There are 5 ham varieties and 6 glazes. CUREMASTER RESERVE® is confident enough to know that no matter what combination the customer chooses, it will be perfect for their special occasion.  And if you can't just pick one glaze you can upgrade it to three glazes of your choice. Once the ham + glaze is selected they'll deliver it right to your front door. 

If you aren’t already familiar with these optionsCUREMASTER RESERVE® has these perfect Easter selections.

  • Brown Sugar (my choice)
  • Vermont Maple
  • Clover Honey
  • Double Smoked
  • Campfire Sugar Rubbed
  • Cranberry Chipotle (my choice)
  • Brown Sugar Sriracha
  • Crunchy Brown Sugar
  • Pineapple Ginger
  • Honey Dijon
  • Apple Cider Bourbon

The Brown Sugar Ham + Cranberry Chipotle was an amazing combination for us. It was juicy, tender, tasty but not overly sweet and sliced gently off the bone. Perfectly baked just right. I couldn't even set the table and plates without our 3 kids surrounding us asking for more slices. I kept it basic and simple by serving it with soft dinner rolls. Perfect for kids to make mini sandwiches and the fun part is you can use the leftover ham with bone to make hambone soup. And there you have it, plenty servings for the next days to come. 

And to my readers CUREMASTER RESERVE® is offering a special discount code for $20 off your order. Just enter TRYCUREMASTERHAM20 at checkout 

and ENJOY!



  1. i am planning to do easter this year, this might be a good option for me, since I have no idea how to make this!

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    I need to re-create this, like yesterday.
    I've never tried cranberry chipotle, myself. I'm more of a honey Dijon girl. It seems like I've got to make some changes.

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    Annie |

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