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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fun Educational Activities For Kids

I been doing a lot of things lately to prepare my daughter for school this coming August. She's never attended Daycare or a Mother's Day Out program to start her off which has turned into a challenge for us both. I think that as parents one of the toughest jobs is making sure we are helping our kids learn and grow in their education. Building a strong foundation at home to prepare your child exceed in school is important. These skills are vital to their success in school. I have learned that if I keep it entertaining and fun my kids are more eager to learn. Lately we been working on it while munching on Goldfish Crackers as we practice letters and number sentences. 

As a working mom I value the time I get during the week at home to spend time with my kids and be able to take advantage of this one on one moments with all three. My kids are always on top of it when its time to do "school work", they get their snacks ready and Goldfish is our favorite top pick because not only do we get to eat them at the end but we use them for our learning activities. My oldest tends to seek for help when homework time comes around. Now that he is in 1st grade he's expected to be at a certain level in reading and we have been striving to get him there before the end of the school year.
I believe working with him on his sight words has helped him tremendously. One of the main reasons is the fact that learning sight words is just a jump away from reading fluently. Just the simple simplicity of recognizing them by sight has given him a better chance to expand his word count when it comes to reading new books. 

I have created a list of all the top words needed (which are quite a lot) to become a fluent reader. The fact that my son easily remembers them by sight makes it so much easier on him. An easy fun way to practice sight words is by
  • Making colorful flashcards- cut the cards out and focus on repetition until the word is memorized
  • Word of the Day- focus on one word only. It could be one word a day or one a week
  • Play Sight Word Bingo- use a Goldfish every time a sight word is called and see who wins first
  • Sight Word Match- match the words together

These fun educational activities with Goldfish Crackers are an entertaining way to get them involved and eager to learn. They been mom - approved for me since Ryan was old enough to snack on food. And I love Goldfish because not only do they taste good, they are air baked, made with real cheese. There are no preservatives or fillers added, plus the colors are plant sourced. 

With my daughter our primary focus right now is getting all her alphabet letters down, right now the letter of the week is "O" and so far she has mastered writing her name (I'm so glad Elyse is short and easy to write down) she only struggled with her "s" until I reminded her it is sort of like a snake and that stuck to her ever since. 

Also if you to the Goldfish Pinterest and click on their boards you can find so many easy activities that are easy, crafty and countless of productive and helpful learning activities. I found this one for Elyse as she is learning to count and practicing her addition.

For more fun ideas go to the Goldfish Pinterest page right here
or watch on YouTube right here

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