The busy life plus three: SUMMER LATELY PART 1

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Just like that July is almost coming to an end. And I'm sorta feeling like where did this summer go? I don't want it to end without at least doing one road trip with the kids. I mean even if it's a simple short trip to Austin or San Antonio. I hesitated in planning a summer vacation with all 3 kids. I am carrying that mom guilt, I know! But let me just say.. I really struggle admitting it to myself and more so with others because part of me knows I should just go for it but I am not ready.. or at least Luke isn't yet. These terrible twos are hitting me hard and fast. 

I would like to know as mothers what are the signs that are there for you that made you confident you could survive a long trip with all kids? 

But until then here's a little of what we have done so far this past month. 
For one this month is a big deal since my best friend is getting married and I feel honored to be her Matron of Honor. We did a Bridal shower for her along with family and friends and it was small but perfect because that's exactly what we wanted. Sweet Paris at the City-Centre location is a great spot for a small sprinkle showers. Her little sister did an amazing job hosting this event.

We have also done a lot of eating out as well this summer. You know summer is all about eating good, forget that summer bod! (I know I did) I'm talking about eating out multiple times out of the week here. This picture here is from Father's Day at Texas Roadhouse. We got to spend it with my parents and celebrated my husband and dad together. My dad is always working, he has been the best provider all my life. Growing up I felt that we had it all thanks to his hard work and perseverance to get far as a young dad. Unfortunately the downside was we didn't get to spend much time with him and that is one thing I wish could had been different during my childhood. Sundays are his only days off so it was so nice to have him for the day and spend it all together, even if it was for a short couple of hours. 

We had more crepes this summer then I'll like to admit. It was perfect excuse to celebrate my mom's birthday. So it was a total acceptable reason to satisfy our sweet cravings. We had a night out in town to treat her out the way she deserves.

4th of July was not the usual as we didn't have Ryan since he spend it with my parents. We normally do some BBQ at our place and my parents come. Living in Cypress everyone always goes over the top crazy with fireworks. So that is all we heard all night long. But I guess nothing beats being with the ones you love.

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